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Business Type:

Wedding Couple / Family Photographer


Lead Generation in Specific Getting a Lower Cost Per Lead 

Result Before

When we have started Working With the Client ,They were getting cost per lead around $25 on average

Phographer facebook marketing Campaign

Result After

The goal was to lower the leads price as much as possible. As a result, at the end of week 5 of the ads manage ment, we had a cost per lead of $4.36 based on 48 leads for the week.

Here is the Amazing Result:


Photograph facebook campaign lead generation result

How did this happen?
Week 1
New Campaigns Start – Initially, I’ve started several Broad Audience and several Laser Targeted to evaluate what interests may work well in cold audiences. I’ve designed the audiences to target people (mostly couples) who may be interested in photography services. We’ve focused on 1 Ad only to be able to evaluate which audiences perform better under similar conditions. Here is the result from week 1:
Leads 27
Amount Spent $330.49
Cost Per Lead
Results for The Period (Week 1)

Week 2
During the second week, we’ve continued testing interest-based audiences, as at this point of advertising. I’ve started stopping the less effective ones and focusing on the better-performing audiences. A key moment here was starting lookalike audiences to capture people similar to the ones that have filled in the Lead Form, and similar to the Facebook engagers. The lookalike campaign based on the data from before started working great and was the key to success. Overall, the average cost per lead during week 2 was a little higher than week 1 but we’ve found our winning audience already which contributed to the long-term success.
Leads 33
Amount Spent $432.12
Cost Per Lead
Results for The Period (Week 2)

Week 3
During week 3, the cost per lead started dropping, and the focus was more and more on the winning audiences. The client asked if with the current budget (around $50/$60 daily back then, we could get 100 leads monthly). As a result of the optimizations only two weeks later with a $30 daily budget, we’ve got almost 50 leads just for a week.
Amount Spent $397.67
Cost Per Lead
CTR 1.37%
Results for The Period (Week 3)

Week 4
At week 4, we’ve dropped the interest-based audiences and focused on the lookalike audiences as I’ve created several variations to test them. As a result, the cost per lead dropped by around 35% to $8.21.
Leads 19
Amount Spent
Cost Per Lead $8.21
Results for The Period (Week 4)

photographer facebook ads campaign optimization result

Week 5
And here we come to week 5, where we have a cost per lead of $4.36, or more than 5 times lower than the $25 per lead from before, exceeding the goal of 100 leads per month several times with this result.
Leads 48
Amount Spent
Cost Per Lead
CTR 1.99%

To sum up
Through a strategy using interest-based and lookalike audiences, I’ve managed to drop the cost per lead 5 times and achieve $4.36 per lead. I’ve spoken with the client, and they told me that the quality is good and they are happy, so those are not fake leads. Turning even 5-6 out of 50 into clients is bringing the client a very good ROI.
Do you want to be my next success story? Get in touch and tell me about your project and let’s enhance your business together!

photographer facebook ads campaign insights

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